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Travel Tips

Get a local’s perspective as you create your itinerary. FILOS locals improve your experience by eliminating the uncertainty.

Local Support

Travel with confidence knowing you have a friend in an unfamiliar place. Need help? Don’t know where to go? Contact your friend from FILOS.

Connect Abroad

Meet your FILOS local and discover their culture, cuisine and way of life as they share their city and tell their story.

Travel Fixer

Get connected with the best food, activities & experiences. Your FILOS local has the contacts to unlock your next destination.

Transportation & More

Get help arranging transportation, making reservations, buying SIM cards, and more all before you even take off.

Local Experts

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Hi! My name is Samnang and I have called Phnom Penh home for 30 years. I am a proud father of 3 and I love sharing Cambodia’s rich history, food and traditions with new and interesting people who want to visit and understand my country…

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4.8 5 Reviews

Hi! I am a British expat and I have lived in Phnom Penh for the past 6 years. When I am not teaching grade school English Literature and Geography, I enjoy helping travelers discover the Real Cambodia by immersing them in local customs and traditions, introducing them to weird and wonderful street food and taking them to places that have had little exposure the outside world…

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5.0 3 Reviews

My name is Green and I was born and raised in Phnom Penh. When I am not working for the Cambodian Ministry of Public Works and Transport I love traveling and taking photography. I am also a local expert with flying drone video. Thanks to my travels across Asia, Europe and North America I understand how important it can be to have local friends who can help guide you through your journey…

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5.0 3 Reviews

Hi my name is Kunthea but everyone calls me Coop. I love helping people and recently worked as a Program Manager for a NGO focused on providing children medical care, education, food and more. Because of a cut in funding, I currently work as a tuk tuk driver and tour guide helping travelers in Phnom Penh…

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5.0 1 Reviews


At FILOS (fē′lōs - friend) we believe traveling is the ultimate experience. It is through travel that we forge our closest friendships, create our fondest memories and learn as much about who we are, how we think and what we believe as we do about the people and places we visit. As tourists we spend hours planning, months anticipating and years reminiscing about the trips that shape our lives. Yet, despite all of the time, money and resources spent on travel, we leave the desired experience up to chance, trusting tourist reviews, dated guidebooks and curated websites to plan the few precious days we have out of the office. At FILOS we have improved this process removing the uncertainty from travel.

FILOS connects you with vetted locals who will save you time as they help personalize and shape your trip to ensure you experience the best your destination has to offer. FILOS is not about selling tours and we are not an online travel agency. After traveling hundreds of thousands of miles ourselves, we know that travel is inherently social and is best when you have a trusted resource who can help you experience the world through a local lens. We want to infuse trust into travel, bridging cultural divides and transforming the way people explore the world. This is made possible through travel, not tourism, and this is why we support locals and give them the opportunity to share their city and tell their story. Get off the beaten path. Eat, live and explore like a local.

To travel is to live. Don’t just be a tourist.


Verified ID

All FILOS locals are interviewed and provide copies of their government issued IDs, confirm personal details and connect FILOS with their social networks.

Reviews & Communication

Select your local based on their profile and connect via phone or email before you start collaborating. If it’s not a fit, give another one of our locals a try!

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Pay online and leave the cash at home. The FILOS payment system is designed to ensure both parties are protected and paid once service is rendered.

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